Sunday, November 22, 2009


Not a great result for me yesterday at the Tour of Pendle. I started off okay, the climbing felt hard at race pace but I was moving okay, further down the field than I was last year, but that was expected. It started going wrong on the "Geronimo" descent to Ogden Clough, my recurring knee pain I have been experiencing of late almost stopped me in my tracks as I jarred it running downhill.

I limped on to the end of the clough and the next climb but I decided that I was only going to do more harm so I sadly walked out to retire. The first race I haven't finished, gutted doesn't start to explain it. I think I need to rest, lose some weight and probably see a physio before starting training in ernest again in the new year.

Conditions where tough yesterday so well done to everyone who finished. It was great to see a few friends and catch up, just a shame about the result.