Sunday, November 22, 2009


Not a great result for me yesterday at the Tour of Pendle. I started off okay, the climbing felt hard at race pace but I was moving okay, further down the field than I was last year, but that was expected. It started going wrong on the "Geronimo" descent to Ogden Clough, my recurring knee pain I have been experiencing of late almost stopped me in my tracks as I jarred it running downhill.

I limped on to the end of the clough and the next climb but I decided that I was only going to do more harm so I sadly walked out to retire. The first race I haven't finished, gutted doesn't start to explain it. I think I need to rest, lose some weight and probably see a physio before starting training in ernest again in the new year.

Conditions where tough yesterday so well done to everyone who finished. It was great to see a few friends and catch up, just a shame about the result.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you didn't finish Donkarlo. You did the right thing though - I've seen pride force people into longer-lasting injuries in similar situations. I hope you're on the mend soon.

  2. That must of been a tough decision for you Karl. Hope your back at it soon.

  3. hope you bounce back stronger
    if its any help after a great 2008 running for me it went tits up in parts this year but hopefully i'm on the up again now
    just remember your main great achievement this year and put pendle down to 'just one of those days'

  4. i thought i saw you at the start but wasn't sure. sounds like you made a tough but sensible decision. and you can take it from me, the view from the trig wasn't any better the second time round ;)

  5. Thanks all for your comments. Is was a tough decision but I'm glad I made it now, don't want to do permanent damage.

    I've been to see the Physio at work and he's advised I lay off till after Xmas. Keep cycling and do some strengthening excercises so I'll see how it goes. I think I'm probably due a good rest after all the miles this year so I'll try to enjoy the frustration of not going out.

    At least I can still ride my bike, just need some nicer weather now !

  6. Hey DNF in a tough fell race isn't too bad. My last race was also a DNF and it was only a Cross Country :-(
    First time I'd dropped out of one in 200+ races over 24 years.
    Re the knee, if it is anything like mine, get some gait analysis if you haven't already done so (orthotics may be needed). My problems are exacerbated by being overweight - I'm not too bad if I'm only slightly overweight. And on long events I carry ibrufen gel to rub on my knees.

  7. Could turn out to be the best decision you make this year. I faced the same dilemma in the same race last year. I chose to tough it out. Ended up injured (ITB) and not running until August this year. A very frustrating time.

    Happily made it round myself this year, but did have to ease off a bit on the back-end climbs because of my knee, which is still not 100%.

    Get it sorted, get back on your feet and conquer it next year.

  8. Looks like I was just behind you when that photo was taken too! I remember slowly catching the pink lady up from along the reservoir to the top of geronimo. Finally overtook her and about a dozen other people coming down by using a very slick sliding technique!