Monday, January 04, 2010


Well.................I need to get back into it!!

Starting with a great big weight loss plan, I wouldn't say I went mad over Christmas, but the scales tell a differnt story.

A combination of not training through injury, basking in my glory post BG, and a healthy appetite from all the BG training has contributed to me gaining one and a half stone since I finished my BG at the end of June.

I am still suffering a bit with my knee, but hopefully by doing the strengthening excericises and building up the mileage slowly, plus some more work on the bike I should be back into the groove in a couple of months or so. The icy conditions haven't inspired me to get out on the bike either, although more of an excuse, because I've seen plenty of other cyclists out on the roads.

So 2010 resolutions are to get my weight under 12 stone, not eat chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc unless during an Ultra ! and to stop making excuses and get back up to the mileage I was doing earlier last year.

I think I am going to leave the UTMB till 2011, my entry still stands for another year and concentrate on the building blocks to go for it during this year.

Gem, I think, will become a regular training partner this year and I must also sort my mountain bike out so I can have a go at some adventure racing again with Anthony.

Looking forward to 2010 Happy New Year everybody.


  1. 1 1/2 stone - that's quite an achievement. Almost on a par with doing a BG!

  2. my god!!! under 12 stone? Don't think I have been under that since school?

    Reckon you just put that last comment just to shut me up?

    Although if your mountain bike was fixed then snow is great for a good off road ride!

    Okay I'll shut up now.