Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello all,
Well I am still here just don't seem to have had much time to post recently, running is going okay !
I changed jobs last year and my routine and world went a bit topsy turvy! I now regularly spend time in different offices and away during the week and I have to look smart and presentable at work. Due to the changes it has taken me a while to get into a new routine.
I am now trying to run in the mornings, this does mean an early start but sets me up well for the day, then on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I run in the evening or go out on the bike. I have a few ideas for fitting training around my new life, my office in Preston is within running distance (10 miles ish) but I wouldn't want to do that twice a day, I am not a Kenyan! My Warton office is a good distance for cycling (20 miles ish each way) but this then brings another dilemma and the reason behind my post.
I am now a lap top user, I need to transport this and keep it dry during a commute to work, I also need to transport a shirt, trousers & shoes that will still look presentable when I get to work. I was trying to find a shower but I have managed that now, so questions are......
1) Panniers or Rucksack ?
2) Which ones/one ?
3) Running options with a lap top?
4) Anything else of use or ideas ?
Any advice gratefully received
I need to get fit again, I am ticking over but I'm not where I want to be and I'm carrying a bit (i.e.alot) of lard.
I have pencilled in the 29th April to have a run round the Yorkshire Three Peaks with a friend from work. I think this is the day of the Royal Wedding so hopefully it will be quiet, as I have as much interest in the wedding as I do in stamp collecting! So hopefully I'll have something to report  on the Blog, it's looking a bit quiet at the moment. I also have quite a few holidays left for the year as well so I need to do some planning, I still fancy the Coast to Coast, Ribble Way, etc. as long distance challenges and I still fancy cycling LEJOG but we'll have to see.
Hope everyone's running is going well, I'll hopefully post again soon.

Oh and entries are open for the OMM so watch this space.


  1. Leave as much as possible at your work place(s), i.e. shoes, trousers. Then you only need to transport your shirt, socks and underwear. Alternatively, drive in on the Monday with a week's worth of shirts, socks, etc then cycle/run in each day lightly laden. Take the day's dirty laundry home each day.

    As for laptop - you can get padded dry-bags from Exped but I don't know what sort of impact they will protect against. I'd use an OMM sort of sack - I use one when cycling to work with plenty of room.

  2. Bob beat me to it: personally I periodically (e.g. weekly) take a large batch of shirts in to work (in my case via train, as I live in smoggy London) and then take in suits etc as and when necessary. That way all I need to take in on 'running days' is running kit and spare underwear.

    It pays to get into a habit so you don't end up making school-boy logistical errors. I have ended up at work with odd shoes once, which was rather 'special'.

  3. Like this post, training as part of your work commute always conjures up the same questions