Friday, June 12, 2009

Feeling Better

After last weeks sniffles etc. I have felt a lot better this week and have been out for a few 5 mile runs at work on my lunch. I am out on Ian Charters' 55@55 tommorow so looking forward to that, I am running the Honister to Wasdale leg. Will bump into Iain Kelly who is attempting his BG at 7pm from the Moot Hall on the 26th June on a 22hr schedule exactly the same as me !! I think I am now fully sorted for support apart from Leg 5 although I have someone in the pipeline. At the moment it looks like this.

Leg 1 - Keswick to Threlkeld - Geoff Lyons, Jesse Palmer, Albert Sunter & Colin Jones
Leg 2 - Threlkeld to Dunmail - Jesse Palmer, Pete Dennett & Dave Walker
Leg 3 - Dunmail to Wasdale - Pete Dennett, Dave Walker, Simon Cartledge (+1 other) & Duncan Richards (Broad Stand rope man)
Leg 4 - Wasdale to Honister - Bill Williamson, Anthony Fryer & maybe Simon Cartledge (+1 other)?
Leg 5 - Honister to Keswick -Emma Aindow-Gregory & Gerry Dewhurst

I am feeling a lot more confident now my team is together and it is only a matter of agreeing logistics and we should be all systems go. I met with my road support team last night and talked through my needs and concerns and that has put my mind at rest so looking forward it feels good. Another week of gentle runs I think this week with maybe a couple of short runs on the fells but nothing serious.

Just been out in the garden, transplanting vegetable that we had started the other week. I have made some big wooden tubs to plant them in so we are looking forward to home grown; cucumber, broccolli, rocket, lettuce, spinach, peas, beans, carrots, spring onions and some herbs.

Tuesday is a bit of a milestone for me as I turn 30 (AHHH!) so hopefully it will not affect my perfomance too badly being over 30 !

2 weeks and counting.............................

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  1. Happy Birthday mate! Hope you have a good one.

    It is all downhill now you turn 30, and not in a fun descending off a mountain kind of way.

    See you soon!