Saturday, June 06, 2009

Quiet Week and the start of the taper

Well its been a quiet week about 20 miles run and 60 miles on the bike with not much ascent, I've had a a couple of courses at work and have felt quite tired this week and had a bit of a sniffle, I know very soft, although I don't think it's the dreaded "man flu" ! I am out in the morning for twenty odd miles on the fells but I think I've done the hard work now really just need to look after myself for the next couple of weeks as I get ever closer to my BGR.

I have been panicking slightly recently and running through the route in my mind whilst I am struggling to get to sleep, I am not really a person to dwell on these things but there are definitely nerves creeping in. I have most of my support sorted, although I am still a bit light on a couple of legs, and I think this is part of the worry, although I am sure by the end of this week I should be sorted, although if anyone is free please don't be shy.

As the big day gets closer I have been getting my stuff together, got my gels from likeys the other day and purchased some clif bars from evans cycles today in Manchester. We went for a look round the Museum of Science and Industry as the weather was crappy and they had an exhibition celebrating the centenary of the first all British flight, although it was quite disappointing really.

Anyway I am going on, hope everyone has a good weekend, looking forward to helping Ian on his 55@55 next weekend.


  1. Karl are you still departing on the 26th at 7pm? I'll ask around for you.

  2. Sure am I can send you a copy of my schedule if you want. Can you email me at please. Cheers

  3. Oh f*ck the foot. Where and when do you want me?

  4. a few nerves is probably good. you've certainly put in enough miles to feel ready :)