Friday, May 22, 2009

Fellsman Recovery

My mileage has been pretty modest for the last couple of weeks, for three days after the Fellsman my ankle was quite swolen and painful so I laid off the runing for a few days. I haven't suffered since and I suspect that it was just the mileage and pounding that caused the swelling and its nothing to worry about.

Running has felt quite sluggish but I have been moving okay, on the bike I am averaging a good speed and it feels a lot easier than running. This week my legs feel back to normal but not quite as light on my feet as I have felt lately. I have a big weekend planned for the next few days which should give me some good mileage, it will proabably be the last of my big weeks as it is getting to 4 weeks before my BG attempt now and the taper must begin.

I am out tommorow pacing for Ed Swift on a JNC as far as Fairfield, Tuesday I am out with Duncan Richards in the lakes running the BG route and part of his 50@50, from Dunmail to Keswick. Then Wednesday I am probably going to get another long run on the route, perhaps finishing the last two legs, or maybe something completely different.

Report to come after the weekend.

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  1. Like the new photo DK, nice to see you smiling as you run! Looking forward to Tuesday, hope the JNC goes well...