Thursday, May 07, 2009

A quiet couple of weeks tapering

Well not done loads for the last week or two, a few runs and walks and a few bike rides to work to keep the engine ticking over in preparation for the Fellsman this Saturday. I've just been taking it easy really making sure I am well prepared for the challenge.
My target this year is to try and run under 15 hours, my previous fastest time on this event is 17hrs 43mins in 2007 but I feel like my preparation this year has been far more substantial than my previous years, so fingers crossed it should all go to plan. Just been packing my stuff tonight ready, all my food is sorted out, there are plenty of refreshment stops en route but I will need to supplement this with things to eat on the move, I have tried to get a good balance. My snacks during the day include nutrigrain chocolate oat bakes, frusli bars, marzipan, salted peanuts, brazil nuts, honey stinger energy gels, mini peparamis and the old favourite jelly babies. I have tried quite a few things in training to eat whilst I am running so this will be a good test of whether they will work on the BG. Plus this will be my first ultra using Nuuns so I will be interested to see what difference they make.
Will post a report on the event next week, fingers crossed for my target time, I'm looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces from the last couple of months on the starting line and a few others from the FRA forums and Blogs that I read.
Weather forecast isn't great for the weekend but fairly mild with showers so I shouldn't suffer with the heat like last year !!


  1. All the best Karl. Will hopefully see you at the start line and then watch you cruise off into the distance. Iain.

  2. Hey Karlos, go well my friend, I'm sure that 15hr barrier will take a hammering if the weather is with you. Have a brilliant day!!