Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who ate all the Pies ?

I thought some of my followers may be interested to see some pictures of me from the dark and distant past when I wasn't a fell runner. These pictures are c 1997 when I went to Benidorm with a couple of my mates. Its quite shocking to look at them now and reminds me what I was like before I got into excercising. I was about 17 stone or so then, and definitely more into eating and drinking than running up and down fells!

Good bit of ballast in the boat

The sun always agreed with me!

Post pie eating competition!

The Hoff eat your heart out
Shocking I know, who would have thought he could run a BG ?


  1. joking aside karl, as i have my ups and downs too, its an amazing turnaround..regretted perhaps only by the pie makers trade association

  2. That's a big difference! Did you actually give up pie or just start fell running? Me, beer is my weakness.

  3. That's pretty amazing Karl. I feel slower when I put on 4 pounds over the winter! To get from 17 stone to then do the BGR is a fantastic achievement.

  4. wow, i wasn't expecting that! impressive 'make over' :)

  5. Certainly gives me hope!! woohoo!!!