Thursday, January 29, 2009

Garmin Issues

I am having serious issues with my Forerunner now. I went for a tempo run tonight using a workout I had set up on Training Centre, when I got back and tried to conect the watch it won't work. I have updated the software on my computer and the forerunner but still no joy even after a master reset of the watch. I can't use Sports Tracks either because I have got a Mac. Anybody got any words of wisdom ? This will totally cock up my recording of my training, gutted. Hopefully should here back from the email I sent to Garmin. Looks like its back to Runstoppable or Map my Run for a bit !


  1. Does your watch charge? If not, and perhaps anyway, it worth looking at the contacts on the back of the watch - they need to be clean and bright, all 4. If not then clean them with an eraser until they are.

  2. Cheers Ian,
    Cleaned the contacts but still no joy mate. Have been pointed in the direction of Ascent though which seems to work.