Friday, January 30, 2009

First Full Week On The Blog

Weekly Totals : Walking-5 miles; Cycling-31 miles; Running-25 miles; Approx - 4000ft;
Approx - 9hrs 30mins

Well, it has been a relatively busy week but not just with training and a few things have managed to upset the plan, just life I guess but still, it can get frustrating.

Sunday didn't quite go to plan, I forgot that I had promised to take the scouts for a walk from Waddecar, but this was okay and I was teaching map reading so used it as an excuse to do some micro nav and just remind myself I can navigate ! Monday went perfectly to plan and I cycled into work on my road bike, it is 15.5 miles each way so it gives me plenty of chance to get warm and I get to work really awake and ready for the day ! 5 mile run at lunch round Balderstone in just over 35 mins, that Christmas weight is still showing, I was running it in 31-33 last year. Cycled it home in 52 mins, took me 56 on the way in, I have done it in 45 mins but not too bad.

Tuesday I planned to go to the track but due to the traffic at the road works near work it took me 45 mins to get home (only seven mins quicker than the bike!) so I had to give it a miss, think I'll have to start going straight from work. Had a good climb at West View with Gem and Rick though so that was good.

Wednesday I should have been on the bike again but the morning was so foggy, it's bad enough being seen on a clear morning so I decided to give it a miss. Didn't run till I got home but did a good 7.5 mile tempo session. 10 min warm up, 3 miles at 7:15/mile, 2 min jog, 1 mile@6:30/mile pace, 2 min jog, 1 mile@6:30/mile pace then 15 minute warm down. I didn't finish the second mile at 6:30 pace my legs had gone but I did try honest ! It was when I got home though that I realised my Garmin wouldn't download to the computer, still not sorted, and I haven't heard anything from Garmin.

Winter Hill Friday
Just got home from a 12.5 mile bog trot round Winter Hill and Rivington with Ali and his two dogs, Toby and Kobi. As you can see from the pictures the conditions were pretty murky and the ground was really waterlogged. Both us and the dogs got stuck a few times but luckily not permanantly like this sheep.

We ran up from the top barn and across the moor to Two Lads and over to Counting Hill we then ran over towards Belmont and then back up to the summit of Winter Hill, down towards the road then back up over the summit of Winter Hill and to Noon Hill. We headed back over Rivington Pike and then down to Rivington and back to the top barn to pick up the cars.

The dogs loved it and they were well and truly filthy by the time we finished, they definitely made good training partners. It is really wet in this area at the moment and I don't envy anyone on the race next weekend. A good day well spent, rest tommorow then long run Sunday. I'll update soon.


  1. Keep up the good work. If you would appreciate some support for your BGR attempt I would be more than happy to help.

    Best wishes,


  2. Many thanks Simon I will drop you a bell as I figure out the details.

  3. Was on Winter Hill this morning, a lot of the boggy bits were frozen over, hope it stays that way for next week, I definitely don't want to end up as a swamp skeleton!