Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back on Leg 2, Running Well

Helvellyn Summit

Weekly Totals - Miles - 41.2 Ascent - 8264 ft Time - 8:03:32
I have had a pretty good week and I think my easier week last week has paid dividends.
Only running this week as I have had a couple of things to do after work and I didn't get my lazy backside out of bed early enough on Monday to use the bike. I'll be back on it this coming week though.
I started the week with a gentle-ish run round the moss from Croston on Saturday morning and down by the river, it was surprisingly dry on the paths and was an enjoyable flat run to start the day. Sunday morning saw me making an early start up Winter Hill running a few loops round the Pike and Two Lads and over Winter Hill getting a fair bit of climbing in and a good few miles. Felt slightly sluggish for the first couple of miles but soon settled into a steady pace, maybe a couple to many pints of Guinness on Saturday night !!
Usual plan of lunch time runs at work this week, just missed Thursday as I had a meeting that dragged on, but with a long run planned for Friday it was probably wise. I managed 33:29 round my 5 mile run at work so was pleased with that, fastest time so far this year, and I felt as if I wasn't giving it that much it just felt good, so I think the training is starting to pay off. Missed the track session on Tuesday and decided to eat lots of pancakes instead (you've got to put some carbs back in you know!)
Friday was an excellent day, I met Duncan Richards at Dunmail at 8:30 and we left his car there and drove up to Threlkeld in mine. I was keen to get back on leg 2 and run it after my day walking up there in the snow the other week, just to see what my pace was like and what it felt like to get round in schedule time. Duncan did his BG 25 years ago but is planning a return to form for a 50 at 50 this year. Me made good time up Clough Head and were moving well across the Dodds, it was good that there was low cloud, as I am planning this leg in the dark so it meant I had to remember features on the ground from the other week, and I didn't do so bad and didn't have to look at the map much, only to confirm I was right !
We saw a few walkers on top of Helvellyn and noticed there is still a bit of ice near the edges as well as a few dodgy looking cornices, Duncan decided to head down from Dollywaggon and skip Fairfield and head straight over Seat Sandal so I did these on my own but made good time up Fairfield and then back to Seat Sandal and met him down at the car. It took us 4hrs 15 mins which is about 11mins faster than my 23hr schedule, I need to look back at my splits properly but the ones I have looked at I was about spot on for time between peaks according to the schedule. I felt really good all day and wish I felt like this every time I ran, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I think Duncan had a pretty good time too.

Grizedale Tarn through the cloud

I feel pretty good today after yesterdays run, and should be out again in the morning from Rivington, may try a bit further this week. Apart from that plans for next week are another Friday out with some guys off the FRA forum running the Dunmail to Wasdale leg as far as Bowfell then dropping into Langdale maybe via Crinkle Crags, so should be a good day out.
I've also been considering an original round later in the year with more significance for turning 30 this year, it will probably be with minimal support compared to my BG but I am still doing the work to figure out length and whether it is possible. I'll keep the Blog updated as and when I can decide a possible route.

Running off Seat Sandal

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