Saturday, February 21, 2009

Steady Week

Weekly Totals - 82.34 Miles (60.78 cycled)
Ascent - 3099ft
Time - 6:33:01

I missed the Sunday long run as I decided to have a rest to see if I could get rid of my cold. It seemed to do the trick so I decided to use the bike a couple of times this week.

Monday I cycled in to work, 5 mile run at lunch time and then cycled home the slightly longer route as the wind was bad and the longer route stays out of the wind a bit more, not easy though with the wind in your face.

Tuesday I was on a course with work all day so I didn't get to run at lunch time. Wednesday ran 3.5 miles at lunch time, Thursday I did 5 miles and Friday 7 miles and a bit. Friday's run took me up the hill towards Mellor, I haven't run up here for a while, I had forgotten just how long it goes on for, but it was fun!

I have plans to do a higher mileage this week, and some more work on the bike, I am starting to fell a lot better than I did at the start of the year and my pace is increasing, and by weight decreasing every week so everything is going in the right direction.

I have a long run planned for Friday, not sure where yet but maybe leg 1 and a bit of leg 2. If anyone is at a loose end feel free to give me a bell and you can tag along. It looks as though there are a few of us running on the 6th March from Dunmail to Langdale so I'm looking forward to that, should hopefully get over 5o miles of running for the next two weeks so may be ready for another easy week after that !


  1. hi there, came across your blog recent and been enjoying reading your progress...

    do you equate cycling ascent as the same as running up hill?

  2. I count it with my ascent total but not sure how I would equate it to running up hill. I usually try to keep my cadence quite high when going up hill, so its probably easier ascent but its all up so I'll count it in. I think this week it was about half and half cycling ascent and running ascent. I'll probably break it down as my running miles increase.