Monday, April 13, 2009

Fellsman Recce

Weekly Totals - 37.5 Miles, 5282ft of Ascent, in 07:00:59

I had a steady start to the week, on an early morning run round Winter Hill and the surrounding tops getting in 13.5 miles and 2500ft of ascent. Another morning of nice weather with good running underfoot, I felt pretty strong and really enjoyed the running, just a little stiffness from Friday on Skiddaw but overall I was running well. Bumped into Mark from Horwich so had a chat with him on the way off Two Lads and then we went our separate ways as he headed home and I headed up the pike and back over Winter Hill for the second time of the morning.
The rest of the week I was struggling, lunch time meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday meant I couldn't run at lunch time at work. I had booked off Thursday though to go and recce part of the Fellsman route. The race is in a months time, I have run it twice before but I have usually been teamed up by this point and have always had someone to follow when I have felt spent, which after 40+ miles I usually am! I am aiming for a faster time this year, and although I will still be subject to grouping I expect, it would be nice just to know where I am going exactly.
I parked at Kettlewell on the National Trust car park and after getting my stuff together I headed off to Buckden Pike via the Buckden Lead Mines. The weather was certainly not as good as I have been experiencing of late, and the rain was being blown pretty hard into my face, reminiscent of the first year I ran the Fellsman. I ran as far as the Capplestone Gate checkpoint and then turned back for Kettlewell, I had forgotten just how boggy the terrain is over the top of Buckden Pike, but I feel a lot more confident now on the descent route from Great Whernside which was my main concern.
Finished the week off with a walk around Croston with Gem.
Four big weeks coming up so I have taken it quite easy this week, just longer steady runs with a good bit of climbing.
Next Saturday I am pacing for Ian Charters on his Joss Naylor Challenge originally I was going to do two legs, but due to a couple of his support team dropping out I am now on for three legs from Pooley Bridge to Sty Head, this should be a good training day though. Two long Fridays planned for the next two weeks after this and then the Fellsman weekend, so some high mileage weeks coming up.

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