Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flat Week & Ian's JNC

Weekly Totals - 76.4 Miles (23 Run, 20.5 Walked & 32.9 Cycled) 1061 ft of Ascent
Time - 10:56:15

Approaching Keasgill Head on Ian Charters' JNC

Due to my upcoming Saturday on Ian Charters' Joss Naylor Challenge I have had a week of relatively modest mileage with more walking than usual and not much climbing. Saturday we had a great walk in the sun round Croston by the river, I took advantage of the continued fine weather and ran the route we had walked the previous day, on Sunday morning, followd by a walk to the woods where we have seen some deer. Monday Gem and I had another walk across the moss to Rufford and back by the canal and the river.

Tuesday, and the long sunny weekend came to an end, back to work, I ran my usual 5 mile route around Balderstone. I cycled into work on Wednesday against a strong wind, this was very hard, my average speed was about 2 mph slower than usual over this distance and I was glad to get to work! Cycyling home was great though, I was flying with the wind on my back and averaged over 20 mph. Thursday I had a rest day, then Friday had a good run with Ali round the Balderstone route, feeling very light on my feet and ready for a long day out Saturday.

I won't steal Ian's thunder as I'm sure he will post a report on his blog but I had a very enjoyable run on Saturday from Pooley Bridge to Wasdale Head 35 miles and 12,000ft of ascent for next weeks totals. Iain who joined us from Arthurs Pike to Fairfield has posted some photos. A beautiful sun rise was the start to a great sunny day, the pace on a 14hr schedule is pretty stiff and I did have a couple of lows but overall it was great, good company and road support and just to top it off I met Joss Naylor at Sty Head, what a day. Cheers Ian

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