Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Liver Hill Race

Didn't post for last week as I was off doing the decorating and didn't get much running done, shock to the system. But we did decorate like crazy and finished the whole house in 4 days. My totals were 10 miles cycled and 11 miles run, but I'm back to normal this week.
Ran the Liver Hill Race 5m/800' last night, organised by Rossendale Harriers from Marl Pitts, a free race with a free cream egg at the end as well as a bonus. It was great conditions and a nice start to the summer evening races after the clocks changed. The moor on the top was pretty muddy and boggy in places and I sunk up to my knee a couple of times but apart from this it was okay. It was my first race of the year due to my training schedule for my BG but thouroughly enjoyed it, probably went out a bit quick as I was in the lead at one point!! The race climbs up a track then along a footpath to the open moor, along a well marked course and through quite a few muddy sections with good gloopy mud that sapped the energy from my legs and over quite a few stiles. At the turn at the top of Liver Hill I was feeling pretty burnt out, but the sight of Ali hot on my heals spurred me on. The race returns back the way you have just come so there is a bit of congestion at the stiles but I got over most of them with not much delay, I reeled in a couple of people on the way back in and by the last 1/2 mile I was running well and had a sprint finish in me to take over a couple more to finish 34th in 40:36 out of a field of 149, a cracking race and I would recommend it especially for free!

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